The individual countries will vary by each brand’s needs, but in general it would be as follows:

a)      Country of Origin (should be first filing)

b)      Country in which your product is manufactured.

c)       Country in which your product/service can be purchased/sold.

Many brands are first sold into a country through a distributor. Do NOT let your distributor file your trademark on your behalf. An international brand is strengthened through consistency and control of its trademarks.

It may seem the easiest way to do it at first…

…until you are faced with a legal situation to win back the right to register your own brand in that country.

…until you are faced with a legal situation to win back the right to register your own wine label in a country where you have been doing business for years. Possibly they stop you from importing there in the future as well.

…until you need the strength of your international wine brand to win an opposition somewhere, but find there is none because the trademarks were not registered in a consistent manner.

Your USA (EU, Chinese, South African, etc.) distributor does not know your worldwide goals. Each trademark, if filed properly, contributes to the strength of your brand worldwide. If there is no consistency, there is no strength in your brand name and you will not achieve worldwide famous strength.

So all you need to do to get started is choose your countries and contact us to provide a quotation tailored to fit your budget and your brands’ needs.



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