Because if you do not own the registered trademark, someone else can register it and try to force you to stop doing business in that country.

Because that someone can have your goods seized upon importation to that country due to trademark infringement.

Because that someone can profit from the good will and recognition that your trademark has developed worldwide.  You made your product and its brand name famous.  Why let someone else in another country reap the benefits of your hard work?

And because filing a new trademark application is much less costly than the international legal steps (and related costs) necessary to reclaim your trademark back from that someone who already owns it.

Best case scenario, your distributor filed the trademark and is willing to transfer the ownership to you for nothing more than his costs.

Worst case scenario, a third party, with full rights to the same name, has a prior claim to your brand name and is not willing to co-exist with yours.  They can have your goods seized by customs which closes that country to your brand, not to mention costs you lots of money and time.

“Penny wise and pound foolish”, my mother used to say.

Do it properly from the beginning, and save yourself grief and increased costs later.  Don’t wait.  Start the process early on in your international expansion.

Ellen Varner, “Mrs-Trademark” since 1998, is a global trademark strategist. She works closely with international lawyers and you to provide the best trademark management in each country, coordinating them all to insure that your brand gains trademark strength on a global basis. She is not a lawyer and this is not a legal opinion. This is the first in a series of blogs on World Wide Famous Trademarks – How To Make Your Brand Strong As You Grow Internationally.



There is no age limit for using an internet. Students of any age can use internet for their education purpose. But the condition is that students should use the internet in a right and positive way and should not use it illegally.

04/27/2016 9:02pm

good post


Branding and trademark is the important factors of business.

07/18/2016 6:46pm

We are living in already a globalized environment. It is a time wherein information freely flows between users of the internet. We are all connected very tightly than ever before. I think we must be prudent of our actions, especially in business. This is why it is important to include all our transactions in the international scale, including trademarks.


Okay, thanks! I will do it properly from the beginning and I'll save myself grief and increased costs later!

04/05/2017 7:29am

It is simple - you would have more customers. Just do it right from the very beginning.


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