I love the new year.

I am psychologically reset and energized every January. A clean slate on which to be just a little "more" (or “less”) this year than I was last. I set new goals and allocate my new budget.

If you are doing the same, don't forget to allocate “international trademark protection” in your budget.  If you are considering expanding your brand overseas, NOW is the time of year to start your global brand expansion..

Here are just a couple of reasons that trademark owners should strongly consider expanding their brand's international portfolio in 2016, earlier rather than later.

  1. The strong dollar in most currencies means that it costs you less to buy something foreign (such as a trademark filing). The dollar is expected to weaken over the course of the year.
  •  in Mexico the IMPI has raised trademark fees, but the Pesos' steady decline against the dollar means foreigners will hardly feel it. Exchange 18.22 Pesos to USD$1.
  •  in the European Union rates will change on March 13...the OHIM will be called the EUIPO... and a CTM will be called an EUTM. Exchange .92 Euros to USD$1.
  •  in Turkey the TPI has raised rates, but because of the favourable Euro USD exchange, is now less expensive to those paying in USD.
  • in Kuwait the MCIPT raised rates up to 15 fold on some filings...Venezuela, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and UAE all made similar moves in 2015. Help offset these huge increases by paying in Euros, where your "dollar" goes farther.
     2.  Several countries are expected to increase prices sometime in 2016. You should file in some places
          before that happens: EU (28 member countries), India, and Bahrain, among others.

     3. Some countries have recently de-creased their trademark fees: Brazil, USA, China, and EU to name a few.

Think you can not afford an international trademark ?  Think again.

Think instead, “this is the year I can afford to expand brand X worldwide!”

Act quickly before the dollar begins its inevitable decline


01/28/2016 1:02am

Trademark protection in one country does not provide any protection in other countries. This article provides a brief analysis of the available options for international trademark protection .

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The dollar is expected to weaken over the course of the year.

02/10/2016 5:28am

If strong dollar is depending up on the global economy the dollar is some times declined and some times it is strong in international trade depending upon the country.

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02/18/2016 4:49am

This article provides a brief analysis of the available options for international trademark protection .Thanks for sharing.

02/27/2016 11:13am

From the author of this post, we get to know how to protect trade marks. the author also mentions about the unstable dollar exchange rate in 2016.

03/02/2016 12:12am

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